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Things That Parents Should Not Allow Their Children During This Short Holiday.

The school calendar came to an end a on Friday and it is quite clear that all the learners in both primary and secondary schools are at home.

The holiday is coming at an abnormal time since the education calendar was completely disrupted by the corona virus pandemic in the year 2020.

Parents should use this valuable time to work closely monitor their children and off all work towards the betterment of their mental health.

This is because learners have been subjected to a very tight schedule and a clash program that is not giving them enough and good time to rest.

This may result to developing stress, anxiety, sleeping and eating disorder and may even lead to depression. Research shows that most learners are going through a series of mental health problems.

However there are two important things that parents should not allow their children to do during this short holiday.

Do not allow your children go out unsupervised.Many challenges are waiting at your child just at your door step.

Do not give permission to your children to attend bashes since this is where they practice all forms of evils including taking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and even playing sex.

This is an earlier photo of secondary school students who were caught drunk and smoking in Nyeri.

Cases of child abduction have been on the rise and most of the cases happens during school holidays.

Do not be a poor listener and do not ignore their their brain. You should listen to your children carefully.

This is because when their brains works well they also works effectively and when their brains have trouble, they will also have trouble.

Parents should also create time and talk with their children. This will emphasize and help inculcate the values that they have been taught in their schools.

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