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Parents to be Arrested When they do this C's Aisha Jumwa

Cabinet secretary of gender Aisha Jumwa has made her public penalty against those parents that carelessly take care of their children.speaking many children in the country are cut short from school after getting early pregnancies and early use of drugs and thus this statement of the CS Aisha Jumwa .

"As a parent you should always know we're your child is .When a child leaves home for disco matanga,where is the parent ?,Don not abscond your duties and leave your child roaming around and blame disco matanga .The solution is to arrest some parents and charge them ." Aisha Jumwa said.

Disco matanga is a cultural rite done by most societies in the country when their people die ,this function is done at night ,it is a overnight form of mourning and celebration to comfort the family and friends before the final send of .Aisha Jumwa blames this for pregnancies and discontinuation of students from school.

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