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"This is why I wanted to abandon my baby" Cecily explains.

Cecily, who is 17 years old, has gone through hardship in life just from having her first baby after getting pregnant at the wrong time. Her mother chased her away since she didn't want to carry many burdens for herself or even the baby.

So the lady decided to find somewhere outside to sleep. Later, she sought refuge at her boyfriend’s place, but he was also tired of her, so he kicked them out.

After days sleeping in the cold in Mukuru, Kwa Njenga, hungry and sickly, she tried one of the last desperate moves: she decided to leave her child at a nearby church called St Mathews Church, Mukuru, on Sunday.

But unfortunately, her efforts did not bear fruit; she was caught red-handed by a human. That’s how she ended up at Thamani Kenya, a rescue center.

Even at this place, she still does not feel comfortable, and since she will have to move when she turns 18 years old, that's a question that is giving her a lot of headaches.

For someone who can reach the child, I am kindly requesting your support for the family, even if you do something to help the child. Please reach Thamani and help the baby. or any way one can help. God will bless you for such abstinence grace and thank you as you purge on this matter.

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Cecily Kwa Njenga Mukuru St Mathews


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