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"My Mom Was Told To Abort Me By Doctors, She Didn't And Died Giving Birth To Me", Woman Narrates

A woman has finally decided to open up about her life struggles and what she has been going through after the sudden death of her mother who allegedly died while giving birth to her despite the fact that she was told to abort her child who later 'killed' her during child birth.

Photo:courtesy (Her Late Mother)

Speaking to Tuko news presenter, she claimed that her mother was told to abort jeer during child birth but according to her mother, she never did so for the love of her daughter after which she later died after developing a beast cancer that couldn't be treated because doctors wanted her to abort the baby but she refused which later killed her.

After the death of her mother, she went ahead and claimed that her grandmother who seemed to be disappointed in her took care of her all the time despite the fact that she didn't have any money or anything to raise her with.


Speaking about disappointments, she said that her grandmother looks at her and sometimes Cries because in her own words, her grandmother seemed to have been disappointed by the fact that her mother got pregnant with her at the wrong time because in her entire family, she was the only one who was educated.

In conclusion, she revealed that she is currently looking for her father who dissappeared after her mom gave birth to her but regardless of all of this, she wants her father to come back so that she can have all the answers she has always been looking for because in her own words, her only grandmother who has been there for her is currently sick and so she has no one to talk to when she is faced with any problem adding that she feels lonely with no one to talk to.

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