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Maternal and child health

Causes of maternal death

1. Excessive blood loss : during the delivery one can loose more blood which reduces the blood level in the body and when blood transfusion is not done at the right time it causes the motility.

2. High blood pressure.

3. Infection:when there is infection with the bacteria and the fungal,and other sexual infectious disease it may lead to having abnormal child or already dead infant.

4. Unsafe abortion: One can pass from having abortion which is not prescripts by the maternity doctor,some use the traditional herbs which are not safe for their health and the health of the infants.

5. Abstract labour: the prolonged labour that a mother may have which cause the death

6. Malaria: when one is pregnant and she is supposed to go to the doctor for prescription,one may use the over the counter drug like quinine which may lead to abortion.

7. Anemia: this is lack of enough blood in the body. Which may be cause by to much bleeding.

8. Heart disease.

Not having good condition hospital.

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