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You Are Busy Killing Your Fertility As A Man If You Are Still Doing This

Over time, research have shown that the rate of infertility in the world expecially among the men have been rising. This have brought anxiety in the world because it may lead to diminishing of human beings in the universe. Now, there are some activities that men are still doing without knowing that it can cause infertility. Here are some of the activities;

1. Holding a laptop on your knees; A laptop may seem perfectly innocuous, but it receives wireless internet signals (microwaves) and radiates EMFs. Its proximity to your reproductive system can pose risks on a male user’s semen count.

2. Smoking and addictive substances: inhaled and addictive substances have a significant,negative effect on semen because of nicotine and cannabinoid receptors in testicular tissue.Nicotine causes an imbalance in the body which is called oxidative stress; this influences semen quality and fertilisation potential. Cocaine also distorts sperm development and motility. Stopping smoking and drug use causes reversal of most of the spermatic damages only after several months of discontinuation.

3. wearing tight pants can damage one’s reproductive organs and also cause infertility. Now you know, please too the necessary to avoid it's adverse effects.

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