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I Was Born Without My Female Reproductive Organs. It Was The Saddest Reality Of My Life;Julian.

Julian, from Machakos County, shares her life story with one of the YouTubers on how she was born without her female reproductive organs. It was the most painful discoveries of her life, she says.

According to Julian, her mother gave birth to her at home via the help of her grandmother. She was underweight and had to be placed in a traditional incubator. No one discovered her condition until she was 17 years old, when her feet started swelling.

Her mother took her to hospital and that's when the doctors confirmed that she has a MKRH syndrome whereby she was born without a vagina, uterus, and cervix. This was after she informed the doctors that she hadn't yet received her periods at 17 years. She was in disbelief, since they had never heard of such a condition. ' It was the most devastating news I ever heard', Julian says. Doctors went on to inform her that she will never have her own biological babies. 

Julian became frustrated and even contemplated of becoming a nun to hide her condition. Later on, a minor surgery to open her vagina so that she could experience her monthly menses was conducted, but unfortunately, it wasn't successful.

Life became unbearable after she completed high school because that's when reality dawned in her. She began researching about her condition, and that's when she found out that there was a specific surgery to open the vagina. She informed her mom, and they arranged for her to go to Tanzania, where the surgery was successfully undertaken.

Despite all the challenges she has gone through and the sad reality of knowing that she will never have kids, Julian has learned to accept her condition, and she is living in hope. She is now an ambassador raising awareness about this rare condition.

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Julian Machakos County


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