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5 Sleeping Positions That Can Soothe Back Pain

Fetal position

Babies are in this position when they are in the womb. Lying on your side with the knees folded as shown is one of the most popular position and it is best because it allows the joints to rest and also creates a lot of space, therefore relieving the discs. It is also recommended for those people who are suffering from herniated discs

On the stomach with a pillow

This position is best especially when relaxing. We are often told that sleeping in this position is not ideal since it can cause neck pain. However, those who sleep in this position can benefit when it comes to back pain. It helps relieve the pressure between the discs but you should remember to place a pillow underneath the lower abdomen and pelvis area to ease back strain.

On the back with a pillow

It is recommended when you want to distribute the weight evenly across your body. When you lay flat on your back, remember to place a pillow under your knees. If you need some more support, roll a small towel underneath the small of your back.

On the back in a reclined position

If you have an adjustable bed, you can choose to sleep in this position. You should add a pillow below your head, the position is important because it allows your trunk to stay upright and your airways to open. It also helps reduce pressure on your spine

On the side with a pillow

For those who need some cuddling when, sleeping should consider this position. Just do not forget to switch position from left to right after sometime, this will avoid creating much pressure on one side which might lead to muscle imbalance later. Placing a pillow between is not only good for cuddling but it also helps to keep your spine, hips, and pelvis in proper alignment.

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