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Pregnancy period

Early Signs Associated With Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the ways to confirm the Fertility of a lady. While most ladies especially those married experience lots of love and happiness when they learn they are pregnant, others don't.Some ladies may stay for months without realizing whether they are pregnant, while others detect pregnancy at their first weeks of intercourse. There are very early signs that may give a lady early signs that she might be pregnant. The following are some of the said signs.

As soon as pregnancy begins for most ladies, woman's body begins to produce hormones and undergo physical changes and most of these changes may be the first sign of pregnancy. You need to be aware that different ladies experience different signs in their bodies.The sign which gives most ladies headache is missing their periods, it automatically gives them a signal that they maybe pregnant,a lady could only wait until the time she receives her period, if she misses she might be pregnant.

For many of the pregnant people, they can start to experience morning sickness as early as the second week from engaging in intercourse. Morning sickness is one of the sign which can show you the probability you might be pregnant.

High rate Increase in the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin may contribute to feeling nausea at any time of the day indicating a sign of pregnancy at early stages. Another sign is fatigue, this where you feel very exhausted any time without even doing any work, this could be an early sign of pregnancy.

If you experience the above signs as a lady where you had engaged in intercourse with your partner, you may visit a doctor for a check up and further clarification and assistance if you find you're pregnant.

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