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What Is Exclusive Breastfeeding, Its Importance And The Reason Why It Is Highly Recommended ?

Exclusive breastfeeding means giving the child the breast milk alone. No other liquids like water or solids like is given for at least a period of six months.

The things that are excepted are fluid for dehydration when the child is dehydrated, medications or syrup vitamins.

Importance of breastfeeding

1. The breast milk contains all nutrients that a child needs to have in the first six Months of life. The nutrients is at the right percentage.

2. It boost the child's immunity preventing him or her from infections such as diarrhea, pneumonia and many infections.

3. It reduces the risk of overweight children during childhood and adolescence hence the child is at less risk of infections such as diabetes both type I and II.

4. Breast milk saves financial cost. One does not need to use money to buy it.

5. It is at the required temperature level. The mother does not need to warm it first.

6. The child gets optimal growth, development and health as per the World Health Organization guideline.

7. The mother will have low risk of cancer diseases such as cervical cancer or ovarian cancer.

Why it is highly recommended among all breastfeeding mothers?

World Health Organization ( WHO) ,highly recommend exclusive breast feeding for at least six months in all children with aim to reduce faetal mortality and congenital abnormalities among many children.

It is therefore, better to prevent than to treat. It is therefore advisable for every woman to exclusively breastfeed for at least six month .

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