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"Nilifanyiwa Scan And Something Was Found" Pluto And Felicity Make A Hard Decision Before Delivery

Popular content creator Robert Ndegwa, alias Thee Pluto and his long-term girlfriend, Felicity Shiru are in a dilemma after doing the last ultrasound scan for their unborn baby girl. They disclosed this on Felicity Shiru's YouTube channel dubbed 'Felicity Shiru'

"There's this decision that we had to make. Guys in my second visit kuna place nilifanyiwa scan and there's something that ilipatikana kwa hio scan and so yesterday doing another scan I had to decide on whether to go ahead with the normal delivery since that is what we had decided on or opt on C-S (caesarean section)." Felicity

Felicity Shiru's ideal birth plan has gone down the drain. She wanted to have a natural birth delivery but some complications have come up which may put their baby into danger if she opt the natural way.

"The umbilical cord was around the neck. Which was noticed on the first scan that am talking about. I had to go and take the second scan to confirm if it's there. The cord was still around the neck but it wasn't tight, it was a loose cord.

But still with that, a few complications may come along if I choose to de normal delivery. Nikiwa in labour kuna vile kichwa ya mtoi hushuka chini kiasi. So kuna chances whereby maybe the cord inaweza strangle mtoi kwa shingo." Felicity

After a few consultations, the power couple seems to be going the ceaserian way that has 70% chances of survival than the natural way.

"Kati ya hizo mbili mimi nimechagua C-section. Normal iko na 30% complications. That complication during labour could still lead to C-section. Mtoi akieza kuwa strangled sana during labour it could even go to an extend of loosing the child." Pluto

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