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Has Your Son Just Joined Form One? Ensure You Check Out The Following When He Comes For Mid Term

This week has been a busy week for many teachers, parents and new students in the secondary schools. This is because of the form one students who were reporting for the first time in secondary school to begin a new chapter in their study cycle.

Congratulations to the candidates for their efforts back in primary school KCPE examinations and for securing their slots in the secondary schools of their choice or the ones they received calling letters for. The reporting dates were announced by the CS of education, Prof George Magoha who noted that the harsh economic times have affected the reporting rates for some form one students.

Photo: CS Magoha

But as a parent, while you rejoice for joining another level of challenging field in educating your son or daughter, there are things you should be worried about and should take to consideration as your kid advances in his or her secondary school education.

In this article, we will focus at the things you should check on your son who just joined form one, as soon as he reports home for midterm.

1. His clothes

This includes his uniform, his inner garments and more so the socks. This is because their clothes are new and in most boarding schools, theft of these new clothes by older students is very common.

Confirm if your son still has his clothes and garments intact and incase of a loss, be gentle enough to comfort him since he can be psychologically disturbed for the theft and where possible get him others.

2. His performance.

It could be they have done a midterm examinations or an end term exam when they close schools to mark end of term one exam.

Check whether your son has scored grades higher or of same lever as to his KCPE Results. If not, then remind him of his potential and encourage him to always work hard and ensure his scores remain relevant to his KCPE Results so as to eventually get impressive KCSE results at the end of four years in Secondary school.

3. His friends

Be Keen to ask your son the type of friends he has made within that short stay in school. Many are the boys who make bad decisions of falling friends with the wrong company and before they know it, their morals will have been depleted.

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