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"I Sold My Unborn Child At The Age Of 13 Years Old. I Deeply Regretted It," Woman Opens Up on The Sad Incident

Faizah Wanjiru shares her painful life story with Afrimax Media on how she got pregnant at the age of 13 and sold the child before it was born. She deeply regretted her decision later on, she sadly recalls.

Faizah is the second born in a family of twelve children. Life was going on well until when her father passed on while she was in class 8. Things took a negative turn since the father was the only bread winner of their family. Her mother struggled to raise them thereafter, but Faizah was lucky to complete her primary school.

She loved education, and she was optimistic about joining high school, but things went against her expectations. One day, her mother invited two men in their house and Faizah thought that they were coming to discuss on how she would join high school, but it wasn't the case.

To her surprise, her mother had arranged for her to get married to one of the men against her consent. The man had come to pick her, and the mother forced her to choose between marriage or death. She claimed that she had no means of paying her school fees and that's the only solution she had left. 

Luckily, her elder brother was eavesdropping their conversation, and when she excused herself to go to the washroom, the brother helped her to escape. He took her to one of his friends houses, and she stayed there for a while without her mother's knowledge. The mother of his brother's friend treated her nicely, but after a while, the unthinkable happened.

His brother's friend approached her one day when they were alone in the house and asked her to sleep with him. She refused, and that's when he raped her and threatened to kill her if she told anyone. However, after a while, she started feeling sickly, and she was taken to hospital. That's when doctor's confirmed that she was pregnant.

She ran away from that home and went to live in the streets. She was 13 years old then, and life had become unbearable for her now that she was pregnant. Not only that, but she opted to abort the child, but her friends gave her an idea. They informed her that there was a woman who was barren and wanted to buy her child.

Faizah didn't even think twice, and after she delivered, she sold the child at Ksh 20000. Unfortunately, she squandered the money with her friends since she was still young. She became a drunkard and stole money from people thereafter.

She was also arrested severally and one day, she came across a good Samaritan who offered to take her to the rehabilitation center. She changed her ways, but she regretted selling her child and wishes that she knew better.

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Faizah Faizah Wanjiru The Sad Incident


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