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Your Children Can Become Intelligent If You Ensure The following In Their Diet

Every parent considers their children to be a blessing. There are a small number of persons who do not desire to have children. On the other hand, we all desire intelligent children who are capable of tremendous accomplishments.

The level of IQ is usually used to determine intelligence.

The ability of the brain and its functioning determine the IQ of the brain. As a result, brain growth is extremely important because it influences a person's IQ.

We'd all be overjoyed if our children were geniuses. Children that excelled in school would always come out on top in exams and other activities.

A smart child is not told what to do since he or she already understands what is required of them.

Certain foods can aid in the development of brain and neurone cells, enhancing the brain's capacities and activities.


Avocado is thought to help the brain develop by processing specific nutrients. It has also been claimed that the fruit encourages the formation of neurones in the brain, according to several studies, such as those conducted by Tufts University.

Other Leafy Vegetables, Such As Spinach

Spinach can help with a variety of issues that arise as a result of brain aging. They also provide important vitamins to the brain, ensuring its overall health.


Apart from being essential for strong bones and teeth, eggs also include vitamins B6 and B12, which help the brain retain information. An intelligent individual is one who can retain information. In order to retain information taught in school, children must have the ability to retain information.

Cereals in their entirety

Vitamin B, which is essential for brain health, is found in whole cereals. The more intelligent you are, the healthier your brain is. As a result, including whole grains like rice and maize flour (rather than white maize flour) in your children's diet can help to boost their intellect.

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