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How Men Are Gradually Killing Their Fertility Through Dressing, According To Health Experts.

It is mostly assmed that most fertility problems are down to women. However, research by health experts reveal that a half of all infertility issues are related to the male partner.

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Male fertility most oftenly has to do with the number of sperms produced, quality of the sperms or the tubes which carries them leading to difficulty in making a woman conceive.

Although the fact that men with large testicles have more sperm count as compared to those with small cannot be changed, it is important to understand that there are lifestyle habits that men need to change since they have negative impact on the male reproductive cells and can cause infertility:

Wearing tight underwears.

Wearing too tight underwear pushes the testicles closer to the body increasing their temperature which is not good for the sperms.

Optimum sperm production occurs when the testicles are cooler than the core body. That is, at 2-3 degrees Celsius cooler than the body.

That's why the testicles of most mammals are naturally created to hang down away from the body.

When a man wears a tight underwear, the resulting increase in temperatures not only damages the sperms but also gradually causes infertility.

Solution to the problem.

Nevertheless, the good news is that the damage caused by the inappropriate dressing can be reversed by avoiding too tight underwears for more than ten hours a day.

Health experts advises men not to wear too tight or too lose inner clothing.

Moreover, the best material for the underwear should be 100% cotton as some materials like synthetic-cotton can also increase the temperature of the scrotum and decline the sperm count by altering their quality or killing them.

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