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Photos: Signs and symptoms of getting a Miscarriage You need to know.

Photo /courtesy/ Mayoclinic.

Miscarriage: What you need to know.

Miscarriage is one of the most common complications associated with early pregnancy. Sadly, around one quarter of all pregnancies result in miscarriage.

According to the Medical Services and Products Researchers found out that, most miscarriages occur during the first few months of pregnancy. An estimated 85 percent of miscarriages happen before week 12. A woman may have a miscarriage before she knows she is pregnant.

Although miscarriage is relatively common, it can be an extremely traumatic and devastating experience.

The main sign of miscarriage is vaginal spotting or bleeding, which can vary from slight brownish discharge to very heavy bleeding.

Other symptoms include:

✓.Cramping and pain in the abdomen.

✓.Mild to severe back pain.

✓.Weight loss.

✓.Fluid discharge from the vagina.

✓.Tissue or clotted discharge from the vagina.

✓.Feeling faint or light-headed.


If you are pregnant and experience any of these symptoms, contact your doctor, midwife, or antenatal clinic immediately to avoid complications or harm to the your body.

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