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Things To Do Before The Baby Is Born

If you probably live far from family and friends, or if you just want to show off your smart new baby (everybody wants that of course), a birth announcement is a better way to introduce your newborn. You can do this by either doing something that is simple for yourself probably by copying something on interest or you can use a photo website with premade layouts.

It can really be more stressfull to gather all the addresses of those you want to send the message to you do decide you want to send out birth announcements to them after the bouncing baby is born.

The solution to this is? Gather them all before! You can also compile all of them into a Word document that has a label template and print them out while you are still pregnant so once you get your announcements, you just have to put the sticky labels on the envelopes and pop them in the mailbox.

The sooner the better , since you don't know when you are expecting the baby. You should actually pack a hospital bag for yourself, another hospital bag for baby, and if your husband is quiet smart enough, he will also let you pack a little bag for him.

If you don’t have a pediatrician yet you should look online at it's websites ask friends, and ensure you are cautious of how many people have reviewed them, and you should also see if your hospital has contracts with any other local offices so they can come to the hospital and visit your newborn baby right after delivery.

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