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Types Of Punishment You Should Never Give A child

Children make mistakes and can be annoying. Some mistakes can be forgiven but others call for intervention measures. Parents and teachers should practice self-control when administering punishment to a child. Some punishments kill the morale of a child and make them feel unwanted. Below are types of punishment that should never be given to a child.  

1.Denying them food

Starving a child is against child rights. It also makes the child feel not loved. All children should be taken care of even when they have done something wrong. If a child is starved regularly they may end up being malnourished. Their bodies are still developing and need to be nourished. A hungry child may lose concentration in class and this will lead to poor grades.

2. Spanking and caning

Causing physical harm to a child makes them feel not loved. A lot of patience is required when handling children. Children who are spanked and beaten are known not to become unkind and violent. They may also be involved in domestic violence when they grow up.

3. Name-calling and insulting 

This behavior is the worst punishment a child can get because they copy what they were told and transfer it to their friends or people who are close to them. Secondly, they may think it is the right to call others names and insult them. A child embraces what they observe in their environment. Many children react to a situation the way they see their parents or caretakers do.

4. Chasing them away from home

A child should never be chased away from home no matter what. Chasing them away from home does not correct the mistake. If anything, it will make them wild and vulnerable. Home should be the safest place for a child to live. If a child experiences any problem away from home, the first place she should think of is going to his home.

5. Holding them hostage or confining them in one place

Many people think this method works especially for children who like loitering. Well, it doesn't. It is advisable to advise the child on the importance of behaving well and when they understand, locking them up won't be necessary. So it is better to help a child learn their mistakes by advising or guiding them rather than administering harsh punishment to them.

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