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6 important ways to save your child

Every parent enjoys having their child healthy, happy, growing and free from diseases too.Here are some of the things we can do:

Exclusive breasts feeding your baby up to the age of six months without giving other foods.Breast feeding strengthens the immunity of the child and provides necessary nutrients for growth of the child.

At age of six months begin giving your child nutritious complementary food and continue breastfeeding your child up to the age of two years and beyond.

Wash your hands carefully with water after using the toilet, before preparing the food and before feeding the child.

In mosquito infested areas your child should sleep under an insectside treated net to preventing the child from getting Malaria.

Vaccination of the child is important to safeguard the child's health.You should follow the recommended scheduled for immunization of all children.

Watch for signs of illness. If your child is ill take your child right away to health facility.The sick child should be hydrated and fed with necessary nutrients and food to boost their immunity to fight their diseases.

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