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Here Are The Best Ways Men Can Help Their wives To Babysit

Nanyi are times when parents pray hard so that they can be blessed with a child. Once the blessings come their way, the sole responsibilities are left entirely on the hands of the mother. Men tends to look from far others leaning on the traditions that do not allow them to do some activities.Some men believe that such chores are entirely for women.

Gone are the days when many of the traditions prevented the men from creating a bond with their young ones. Though it is noble to maintain our traditions, the retrogressive traditions should not take an upper hand as there is much that men can do to help their wives as well as bonding with their children.

Let us look at a few of the ways in which men can help their wives with their young ones.

Changing baby diapers

Though it looks strange,this is a noble thing to do as a man. It doesn't make you lesser but allow you to check the conditions of your baby as he/she grow, more so when it is a boy.

Putting the baby to sleep

The baby feels good when the Dad is soothing. It is also very easy for the baby to sleep faster as men's hands are magical and with large surface area.

Calming a crying baby

When calming the baby, men give their babies a chance to Know them better. This is because the baby's brains are growing and they will be able to note the voice of their dad as early as possible.

Feeding the baby

This will help the mother to do other home chores like cooking and washing.

Playing with them

It create a bond between them as the father and the child play games together.

Helping them to read

This allows the men to be aware of their children development stages and feel free to be associated with them.

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