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Opinion:Shattered Dreams,The Effects Of A Child Marriage.

M.any children in the society today, especially girl child are denied their rights .Everyone dreams of great future we wake up everyday day hoping things will probably work .We all have opportunity to work on our dreams and goals and see what we dream come to pass. They keep us moving and hoping that life will be better.

Meanwhile this is not the case of millions of girls girls globaly alive today are married according to research done by UNICEF's .They denied the chance to enjoy the transition from childhood to adulthood.

They are unable to complete their studies, exploit their skills and talents and most importantly their power of choice has been violated since they are unable to choose what they want to be as they grew up ,whether they wanted to get married or not, who they wanted to marry.

Their human rights have been violated despite the existence of progressive laws like the convenction on the elimination of all forms of Discrimination against women. Which covers the right to protection against child marriage in article 6 .

Lts a social I'll that has led to poverty, illiteracy, violence and poor health

For us to end this, children should be given rights to access education.Education ensures girls get skills and knowledge to be able to earn a living and support their families.

Second,Economic empowerment ,providing girls and their families with income generating opportunities will go along way ensuring that the society will stop viewing girls as economic burdens, since many girls are married due to poverty.

Lastly girl child should be empowered with information on their human rights, they are most likely to stand and speak out when anyone tries to violate them.

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Shattered Dreams


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