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"This Is Not A Laughing Matter It's Serious" Netizens React To Viral Picture Of Kids Doing This

Children can innocently make a mess anywhere and even put their safety in harm as potrayed by the following picture going round social media pages.

The picture shows two children fully covered in what appears to be paint. The two were seemingly playing with the paint as the paint can be seen beside them.

Some components in paint can cause dizziness headaches eye irritation nausea and fatigue. Long term exposure can cause serious health problems such as central nervous system, liver, and kidney damage.

The picture has attracted the attention of many social media users as some find it hilarious while others are concerned about the safety of the kids.

Here are some of the reactions.

"Sasa wataoshwa na turpentine ama."

" This is Not a laughing matter. It's seriously"

" Hawa nawapeleka carwash."

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