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Reasons A Lady Can Miss Her Periods

Did you miss your period? Worry less because its normal to miss a period sometimes, the following are reasons you missed your period.

1.You have been stressed lately

If you’re under a lot of stress, your body can stay in flight mode, which can make you temporarily stop ovulating. This lack of ovulation, in turn, can cause missed periods.

2.You’re using hormonal birth control

If you’re using hormonal birth control method, including an Hormonal IUD, pills ,implant, or shot, you might stop getting your period altogether.


If you have fallen ill lately this can result in rapid weight loss and nutritional deficiency or hormone dysfunction, which can cause you to miss your period during the illness. After the illness is resolved, it might take a few months before your period returns again.


You might get infrequent or no periods when breast feeding this is because breastfeeding provides your baby with all or almost all your caloric intake.

5.You are pregnant

If there is a chance you are pregnant ,its good to take a pregnancy test a week after you miss your periods.

Taking a test too early can result in a false negative.

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