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3 Ways On How To Reduce Your Children 's Stress At Home

After closure of the school with a long holiday with many menace on our children.Parents are now face many challenges of controlling their kids at home.Parents are dealing with huge demands on their time and energy.As the pandemic continues to cause many problems on their families, routines have collapsed,patience and self_care have gone far.Over a long period of time have taught us that during childhood was damaging effects on health and development.

1:Maintain a healthy and safe home.

We should maintain and follow covid_19 precautions,make nutritious meals and organized games.Also allow your children to prepare meals and cleaning up after activities.

2:Create routine.

Creating routine help to reduce of conflict among our children and to know what to at different time.

3:Make them stay with adults.

When children's have good relationships with adult parents the gain alot in their behaviours.They are able to share their problems with adult parents since the are social.

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