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The Reason Why Nutritionists Forbid Giving Honey To A Toddler Below One Year

Most people have heard that honey is good especially for coughs. Honey help to subsidize coughs. It is a very good remedy for coughs. However nutritionists don't advocate for young toddlers below one year to be given honey.

Many people may wonder why. However the risks associated with taking honey for toddlers is higher than the benefits. This is because Honey in some instances may contain Clostridium botulinum spores. These spores are known for causing botulinum. Botulinum is a life threatening food poisoning condition which may be fatal for children below one year.

That is the main reason why honey is forbidden for toddlers. However after one year most toddlers have an improved immune system and taking honey may not cause great damage.

It is therefore necessary to observe nutritionists guidelines and adhere to restricting our babies honey till they have at least reached one year old. Please share this story to educate others.

Content created and supplied by: Rossielle (via Opera News )

Botulinum Clostridium Honey Toddler


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