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Top 9 Most Gorgeous Kenyan Celebrities Kids

These kids are cute with their innocence. Fans are mesmerized by their smiles. They are the popular and cuddly cuties of celebrities. Their parents are rich public figures. These children are beautiful on social media. The are also hilarious and glamorous. 

1. Ladasha Wambui, DJ Mo

This young fashionista is a Muraya. Her personality is on the limelight. She is a first child and is a grown princess. 

This first born and was at the East Africa Fashion Awards. She is also little champion from Montessori Learning Centre.

2. Heaven Bahati, Bahati

This bubbly child was at the Pace Africa. She is a brand ambassador with 400,000 followers. She is a February-born personality and was in an electronics company.

3. Tumiso, Nameless

Tumiso is grown and victorious. She is a teenage enthusiasist and was at the Nema Art Competition. She is a first born and has the 'Wildlife Savers'. This brilliant daughter has a conservation award.

This young daughter was also at the Netfund. She is a star and is of the Kijani Gang. She is Wahu's first born and is into environmental conservation.

4. Gweth Owiti, King Kaka

This camera-ready model was at the Marini Naturals. She is young ,natural and sweet. She has looks and is in the Marini Kids.

She also has charm and is adorable. This striking star has beautiful pig-tails. She is a warm princess with cuteness. She is perfect and is King Kaka's.

5. Rue Baby, Akothee

She is an influential model and was at Nivea. This scholar was also at the ‘Love Daggers’. She is the eldest and is into modelling. This 1998-born enthusiast was at Strathmore University.

This second-born beauty is into slaying. She is a star and is on billboards. Rue has confidence and has also been in endorsements. She is slim and is in the Akothee Tours.

6. The Msalame Twins, Grace Msalame

These celebrated twins were at Vivo. The parents of these lovely personalities co-parent.

7. Tracy And Zara, Octopizzo

They are little and were in 'Noma Ni'.

8. Zawadi, Creme de la Creme 

She is a lovely daughter and has attention. She is a shy cute kid. She is also agressive and is Crème de la Crème’s girl.

9. Ricca Pokot, Pierra Makena 

She is adorable, brave and is into fashion. This stylish star is Pierra Makena’s. She is also cute, classy and entertaining. She is tiny, jovial and has a single parent.

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