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How to know if you are Fertile Ready to have a Baby.

Planning to get a baby and you have doubts if you are ready to conceive. Don't worry because here are tips to help you know if you are fertile and ready to conceive.

If you do experience ovulation then you are on the right track. Ovulation occurs on the 14 day after periods and to know you have ovulation here are the signs:. You will have high temperatures and you might have musus like discharges. And remember to count so that you can know it's ovulation time.

You might know if you are fertile by having the right weight. Too much weight and too little weight can affect the fertility. The excess body fats can affect the hormonal balance thus making it difficult to conceive also too little weight can also affect the body because the body uses alot of energy to keep the organs function properly thus preventing ovulation from occuring.

If you are Healthy and you don't have any underlying condition like fibroids and endometriosis then you are good to conceive. These conditions can increase the chances of infertility. Treat the first before trying to conceive. STDs can also affect the fertility always check with your doctor and treat them in time before they affect you.

Avoid Smoking inorder to be fertile because cigarette is bad for your health. Smoking can damage your ovaries and affect your ovulation and can increase chances of infertility.

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