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My Husband Told Me To Kill My Child If I Wanted To Continue Living With Him As His Wife: Beth.

Beth Wairimu from Naivasha Painfully narrated how her husband told her to kill her child, if she wanted to continue living with him as his wife.

According to her she was born and raised and raised in Naivasha. She studied to form four and she didn't continue with school due to lack of school fees. She got a job soon after as a househelp where she worked for two years

She said that she met a man soon after and after weeks of dating she resigned form work and got married. She got pregnant after a month and gave birth nine months later. They did ordinary jobs for a living until when her husband got sick

He suffered a short Ilness and he died a few months later. She wnet back to her parents home and after an year she met another man. They dated and he agreed to marry her and her child. She moved into his house weeks later.

She said that after some time her husband changed he told her that he didn't want her baby. He told her to kill him if she wanted to stay married to him. She was shocked by the information and she ignored him.

A few weeks later he said they same statement and he offered to kill the baby for her. He gave her to chose between her marriage and her baby. She was stressed and desperate however she loved her child a lot and she decided to walk away.

"My husband told me to kill my child if I wanted to continue being his wife. I refused and I decided to leave him." She said.

Her husband was surprised because he thought that she would chose her marriage. She went and rented a house and she got another job. Her husband regretted what he had told her and he begged her forgiveness.

She said that she refused to forgive him so as to protect her child. She does ordinary jobs to support her child and she is able to pay for his school fees, buy food and pay for her rent. She has advised single mothers to protect their children from cruel stepfathers whose intension is to course harm to them.

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