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Your Child Can not Poo For Long Then Include These Foods To Help Ease Constipation

Constipation is common in children more so when you have started weaning you child. This is a Condition where the child is not able to empty his bowel well for some days due to the type of diet and lifestyle. Children which constipation may lack appetite due to feeling full all the time.

They seem to have hard and dry stool that might be painful to remove it. You can ease the baby's pain by changing some diet and giving them some types of food to help in their bowel movements.

Here is the kind of things you can give to your baby to avoid constipation.

Enough water.

Dehydration is commonly brought by lack of enough water in the body system. When you don't drink enough water the digestive system lacks water to supply to the stool thus the stool becomes hard and dry leading to constipation.

Give them soups.

Soups are Nutrious to take and easy to digest by taking warm soups can help soften the stool and eases constipation pain.

Foods rich in fiber like beans lentils,peas they are rich in fiber which helps in digestion and bowel movement.

Green vegetables .

They are the best to ease constipation,full of Nutrients and fiber that is good for digestion and relieves the pain that is caused by constipation.

Fruits like apples and pears are good for the gut they have fiber and fructose that helps in digestion. They also contain alot of water that is good for the digestive system thus eases constipation in children. For easy work you can eat even the whole fruits with the peels. Peers too have a good impact on the digestive system.

Grapes fruits also are good for constipation they are rich in fiber and rich in water that helps in constipation.

Citric fruits are also good like Oranges, they can do away with constipation since they are rich in soluble fibre that helps in the bowel movement.

Do not leave your child to feel the pain from constipation give them all the above foods to ease the pain.

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