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Ways of Enganging children at home during the holiday

The parents should occupy their children during the holiday to ensure that they are in line with the syllabus despite the interrupted school calender.

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These are the few guidelines on how to handle the children at home

Plan for your child's chores.Let your son/daughter have clear targets on what they have to accomplish at the end of the day.

Monitor their habits. Discipline is the key to success.Always discourage negative behaviour and altitude towards academics.make sure they do the assignments given from school.

Discourage negative use of mobile phones .make them use the free data for kicd and elimu can create discussions at home from students from other schools.

The government is putting effort on school calender reallignment and normal calender by 2023.

Parents you are the captain of your childrens souls.please take care of the children and teach againist irresponsible sexual behaviours that are leading to early marriages.

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