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Why We Cannot Afford To Throw CBC Away And Go Back To 8-4-4 Dennis Syambi Explains

Dennis Syambi a political analyst was hosted in Tv47 morning cafe show this morning. He was speaking about CBC curriculum system that has been giving most of our kenyan parents hard times.

He says that the CBC system itself is not a burden to children themselves, but parents who have been complaining to the Kenyan government about the challenges they face.

He explains and says that the reason why they cannot afford to get rid of CBC is because they have spent alot of capital in it, he remarks that they have included infrastructural strategies and many things in the CBC system, and that it is so impossible to go back to 8-4-4.

He finalizes by saying that what they will do is that they will help parents understand why it's important in the lives of their children and put strategies that will help them also comply with the system.

Content created and supplied by: Rosemary Likare (via Opera News )

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