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Pregnancy period

Why Women's Nose Enlarges During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women undergo a lot of transformation in their bodies. Swelling in specific parts of their body such as feet, hands, neck ankles, and even nose is common to most women.

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While in the first trimester, most women experience complications like loss of appetite, nausea, mood swings, increased urination and even feeling tired.

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However, swelling of nose during pregnancy is a terrific experience. It is linked to hormonal changes in the body whereby their is increased blood flow which normally occurs in the third trimester of the pregnancy.

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According to research a woman's nose return to its normal size after child birth within 40 days. The swelling of nose can be prevented by:

1. Drinking plenty of hydrating fluids

2. Elevating your head with extra pillows while sleeping.

3. Taking a warm shower

4. Avoiding processed food

Pregnancy care is important especially if you want a healthy infant. Antenatal clinics is also advised to pregnant women to examine the growth of the unborn child.

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