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Revealed Why Parents Should Avoid The Following As The Candidates Choose On Courses

Parents are always believed to have much say to their children as far as education is concerned. It is said that education is one of the key factor for the growing population.

It was noticed by experts that parents always play a key role when it comes to courses. The experts say that parents have always set their mind to their children rather than them doing according to their passion.

According to Shatta Bway, Radio presenter, she reports to the public that some parents raise their children in a rigid way in that they even force them to become something they want and not what the child want.

According to the experts, most studies do lose track as they go to the university. Some have been reported to have even dropped their courses. This has really worked against the learners.

Parents were advised to gove their children humble time to make decision basing on their areas of interest. This was proposed so as to help prevent such happenings. Much tension was seen on parents as this was revealed.

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Shatta Bway


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