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What You Should Do To Your Parents Before They Die.

Parents are the most important people in our lives if we leave alone God. They are our second God after the most high. Do you know that you are an investment to your parents? I don't mean to give them money so as to mean investment, but each and every parent is happy when he or she sees his lineage growing. That is one of the investment.

Parents brought you to the world, they were happy when they received you. So never disappoint your parents. I do understand that their are some parents who doesn't care about their children, and it is true. So when the the child grows up he/she will not even appreciate and he/she will hate either one of the parents depending on how he/she was treated.

Before your parents die, please make sure that you does this to them unless one of them or both died when you were at a tender age. When they divorced, please try to bring them together. In some cases, it is very difficult to do that.

If they were poor and you became rich, make sure that you provide for them at a level you can. Not that your parents are dying of hunger and you are having money. You will only get curse not blessings.

Their are so many things we can do to our parents to make them feel you, when they call you, don't ignore to pick up their phone calls. This makes them feel you in their hearts.

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