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3 Ways to tell if the child is yours without doing a DNA Test

Genetic behavior

Based on the genetic data passed down from both parents, certain hereditary behaviors arise in a variety of situations. Genetically, kids inherit some behavioural patterns from either their father or mother, and as the baby grows and you observe closely, you may discover some similar behaviors.

Spiritual and Emotional connection

Many people take this for granted because we prefer facts on paper, but every father and child share a spiritual and emotional bond, and you might be surprised to learn that you can tell if a child is yours at first sight – simply because something within you, which you may not be able to explain, connects with the child whenever you set eyes on him or her, even if there is no resemblance. We all have spiritual connections with our children, and those who meditate and know how to listen to their inner being can sense this. If you don't feel anything towards the child, it's most likely not yours, and vice versa.

Eye-Color Test

An eye-color paternity test demonstrates how inherited-trait theory and eye color can be used to estimate paternity. This test is based on genetic theories and how genes are passed down from biological parents. You can use this test to see if paternity is conceivable by entering the mother's, claimed father's, and child's eye colors.

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