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“Parenting Has Made Life Tough For Me Since I Can’t Chat Online” Wakavinye Complains

Content Creator Celestine Ndinda has been complaining a lot, because she is having a very difficult time raising her child. Celestine who is famously known as Wakavinye gave birth to her second child a few weeks ago, and she is deep into parenting.

Many people in Kenya doesn’t know what they want, because they are always complaining. Some people are praying so hard, so that they can have children of their own. Some have prayed for ages, and they have never gotten any child. They have lost the hope of having a child of their own, because the situation hasn’t change.

Some people have more children than they need, and they are also complaining. They doesn’t have enough finances, so that they can support their children. They end up complaining, because they feel overburden.

Some people doesn’t want children, therefore they choose to do abortion. Some mistreat their children, and they doesn’t care about them. Wakavinye is very lucky, because she has been blessed with two children already.

Wakavinye complains she doesn’t have time to chat online and she lost track and time, because the child takes too much of her attention. Anyone who wants a child should always be prepared, because they will face a lot of challenges during child raising.

They must accept the responsibilities which will come with child raising, and they should not complain. Some babies are always troublesome, and they like crying a lot. They are very temperamental, and they very moody sometimes.

A parent has to learn to deal with any attitude that the child has, if she or he wants to succeed in child upbringing. Wakavinye was seen outside of their house, and she was basking in the sun together with her child.

The child loved the environment outside, and he was enjoying the cool climate. You find something your child loves, so that you can disrupt the child. 

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