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OPINION: Teachers Are Not Responsible For School Burning, Just Leave Them Alone

School burning in Kenya is now almost turning to be a common course in highschool. All the way from national schools to sub-county schools have been involved in school burning incidences. Some of them have severely been burnt while others have not suffered much.

Alot of speculations have been placed in teachers. Actually, everybody is now claiming that teachers are involved in this cases. However, a keen look into the matter, it's clear that teachers are out of the mess.

We can shift this blame to parents and government at large. No wonder, on Monday five teachers were arraigned in court just because they punished an unruly student in school. What do we expect from such students and parents who report any slight punishment to police.

Teachers must safeguard their payslip, that's why they are talking of teach and go home slogan. Whatever students do later is purely their own problem. This has been the major reason for school fires.

Secondly, let's blame our parents and students. It's only that our parents are lenient. They will never question even a visible mistake from his or her child. Definitely, we expect such students to terribly mess up with everything.

Lastly, peer pressure is involved in such cases. For sure, implicating teachers in such sagas is the worst the ministry of the public can do. Let's think of instilling discipline to our children.


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