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6 Unusual Facts About Females

1 Women see on average 20% differences in color more than males

2 Alcohol is more dangerous for women as they are more prone to liver diseases like hepatitis and liver cirrhosis

3 Various studies have shown that women who do not use birth control drugs grow into a very feminine body that attracts men

4 The anterior angular cortex, the part of the brain that weighs options when making decisions, is larger in women than men

5 Women are better at reading faces, gestures and voice tones, which makes them superior conversationalists and social leaders

6 Sometimes the life duration differences between men and women can be up to a decade, but, on average, it's at least two to three years all over the world. And this is not only true for human female. Female orangutans and chimpanzees also outlive their make counterparts. Some researchers connect this with the fact that females are more cautious and less prone to risk their life.

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