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Woman gives Birth in plane while fleeing from Afghanistan passing through united states.

A woman gives birth in a plane and names baby after the plane(Reach-828).The baby's mother went into labor while fleeing from Taliban and being flown to united states military basement in Germany.The medics helped the woman into labor as soon as the plane landed and they took both the baby and mother to a nearby hospital.

United states aircrafts usually have code names to help communicate with the other as for this particular one its code name was "Reach 828"and that's what the parents decided to call the baby.

Reach and her parents were headed to US military basement together with other refugees from Taliban that's what Wolters said whose the Military commander.

Of the 7,000 refugees that had passed through united states only 100 had needed medical attention.

Of the 100,25 were admitted at local hospital and 12 had already been discharged.Two other babies we born as their mother's arrived at Ramstein base."Wolters said"

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