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Pregnancy period

The Surprising Effects Of Pregnancy

Muscles and joints shift and jostle during pregnancy. The hearts pounding rhythm speeds up. Blood roars through arteries and veins.

Over the course of a pregnancy, every organ in the body changes. Ignited by a rage of hormones, these changes begin as soon as pregnancy begins.

As pregnancy progresses the uterus expands upwards and outward with the growing fetus. To make room, hormones called progesterone and relaxing signal muscles to loosen. The muscles that properly food and waste through the digestive tractor also loosen causing constipation as passage through the tractor slows down.

Loosened muscles at the top of the stomach might allow acid to escape into the esophagus and throat causing heartburn and reflux. These changes could worse morning sickness which is caused in part by hormone HCG.

As the uterus grows it pushes the diaphragm the muscle that explains and contracts the chest with each breath. This limits the diaphragm range. To compensate, the hormone progesterone acts as a respiratory stimulant.

The heart works extra harder to pump all the blood through the body and placenta. A pregnant woman's heart rate increased but we don't fully understand how blood pressure changes in a healthy pregnancy because some of the serious complications are related to the heart and blood pressure.

The expansion uterus may pressure on the veins, causing fluid buildup in the legs and feet. If it presses on a large vein called inferior vena casa, it might interfere with blood returning to the heart causing a sizzling drip in blood pressure after standing too long.

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