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Live Alone DNA, This Is How To Identify The Father Of Your Baby

While DNA is the most sure and suitable way of identifying the father of a child, to some people it could be very expensive and unaffordable. If you are one of those people to whom DNA testing is very expensive, you should not worry as there are other ways through which you could identify the father of your child.

The first way is through the behaviour displayed by the genetics of the child. These behaviour genetics are of wide variety. Some include some health conditions eg allergies and such.

Secondly, another method you could use to identify the father of your child is the conception date. Women's menstrual cycle are mostly found in regular patterns which could be easily traced. These cycles can be used to identify the conception date.

Lastly, we can talk about something that is commonly ignored. This is the spiritual and emotional relationship between the father and the child. Though it may be heard to identify and explain, there is always a connection between a parent and a child.

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