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Leave My Child Alone; Community Parenting In Kenya Is No More

It takes a village to raise a child is the old phrase that has become obsolete in the modern world. Many people have often found themselves on the wrong side for meddling with another's child. In African society, a child was raised by the community and every member had a role to play in instilling values to the children of their community.

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Times have changed but families are still prevalent in every society. However, the terms have slightly changed especially in cities. Kenyans have migrated into urban centers in search of a better life for themselves. Unlike villages where everyone is responsible for the child of his or her village, the city is different. In the city, privacy is overpriced. Is this the new normal?

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Strangers live in the same apartments but rarely talk to each other. The common credence in the city is minding your own business. Family ties end in the corridor, individualism is the order of the day and everyone does what suits his or her family best devoid of other people's contribution, may it be out of goodwill or malice. In protecting family boundaries many people are pushing away the social interaction that was a pivotal part of the growth in society.

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It is a personal choice whether the parent wants contributions from fellow neighbors, friends, or relatives. The bitter pill to be swallowed in such circumstances is that society barely comes to your aid when you encounter a problem that needs their intervention such as domestic violence.

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Are we living in a borrowed culture? In order to recognize where the rains started beating us, we should read our history through the generational gap that is evident in Kenya. There is a huge contrast in how the generations differ from our great grandparents, grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren. In a quickly changing world, society needs an umbrella that protects and nurtures our African values and culture. Where culture is dead, the people are dead.

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