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Habits that causes tummy in women to grow

Stubborn belly fat is one of the most difficult thing that many women are encountering.

Its usually embarrassing as some may confuse it with pregnancy .

It promotes lack of self confidence ,as one has to wear bugy shirts to cover the belly.

It increases a risk of lose of body shape .

There are seven types of belly fat.


This is the type of fat that surrounds a persons internal organs.


This is a type of fat which sits underneath the skin.

3.Mommy belly

It occurs due to pregnancy or the kind of belly that forms after pregnancy.

This is because of the space left by the baby after several stretching of the stomach.

4.Alcohol belly

Alcohol contains a lot of sugars thus causing build up of fats in the abdomen.

6.Bloated belly

This is due to diet or intolerance to certain foods and allergies .

7.Hormonal belly

This occurs due to change in hormonal levels like hyperthyroidism.

Gaining weight especially in the stomach is mainly due to lifestyle choices.

The two (S's)stress and sugars plays a major role .

Increase large intake of carbohydrates also causes massive weight gain.

Certain medical conditions and hormonal changes may cause abdominal weight gain.

Causes of belly fats

1.Lack of exercises

2.Too much junky and sugary foods


4.Increase intake of carbohydrates such as ugali ,chapatti and ugali.

5.Too much stress and depression.


7.Poor sleeping habits


Exercises and practising a good diet with help reduce the stubborn belly fat.

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