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"Mama Yao Ako Wapi?" 4 Kids Abandoned For One Week In Mukuru Slums

Four little kids were stranded at their home in Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums after their mum, fairly new to the environment, abandoned them. According to the neighbours, the kids have been alone for one week as she left on Saturday as she said she was going to town.

"He left on Saturday saying she was going to town. She did not even leave food for the baby," one of the kids told Citizen TV.

Further, following the reports it is revealed that after the neighbor notice that the children has been abandoned they decided to step in and help the little ones.

"I have been seeing these kids near the door, and when I look at their situation, it's like the young ones are hungry. Maybe I buy them bananas to eat. I thought when they are just lingering around the door, maybe their mum has gone to work or has delayed to return and maybe will arrive late to cook." ~ Caring Neighbour Narrates.

Further it is revealed that this was not the first time the mum, who is fairly new in the place, had left the kids alone. Following this it has spark different reactions from the netizens and below as some of their reactions.

"High cost of life cant be blamed for this henious behavior. This woman is simply a devil out to punish innocent children. I hate it when someone in right senses exposes children to suffering. How does one walk out of her own 4kids and it doesnt bother her?" ~ Kamasasa Amos.

"If she was not involved in an accident, i thank God for this wise woman, When life and thoughts push you to the ends don't see death,just leave and let the kid live. Life is Soo tough. May God lead and help her to comeback to her kiD's,no situation is permanent." ~ Msooh Mwaniki.

"Single mother with four kids no job no food, my fellow kenyans life is hard and many people are depressed. May God take good care of those kid and cover them from any harm." ~ Phine wa Bunyore.

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