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Dear Women, Too Much Intake Of P2 Will Have You Suffering The Following Adverse Effects

P2 is commonly use ad a contraceptives by most yoiths today. This is because it takes action immediately in preventing unplanned pregnancy. I can say it helps but to some point, it's could turn out affecting you as an individual moreso if use continuously. The effects could not be experienced immediately but after some time, they will be harsh on you and regrets will be all your share.

P2 has ceetain effects that will not need immediate medication. They are things like unusual tiredness and weakness. You will feel extremely weak to a point of not feeling like moving. P2 also comes wig head aches, neusea, dizziness and vommiting. Such effects could be taken as mere and normal but when it advances, it will be bad for the consumer.

Long term effects include pain in the pelvis, irregular menstrual flow, severe cramps and inability to conceive. Don't please a man who could probably never marry you by taking such pills. They might interfere with your system making your barren and most probably, no man will stay with a woman who can't bare kids.

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