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Suggestions for New Moms and Dads.

Are you a new mom or dad? Congratulations on the birth of your new baby and 

welcome to parenthood! Enjoy every minute because time will fly and soon your 

newborn will become a toddler. Here are some tips to help you enjoy and care for 

your newborn.

1. Know that babies cry a lot and learn what soothes your baby. Try not to blame 

yourself or be angry with your baby if you are unable to calm your little one. 

Learning what works will take patience and practice.

2. Never ever shake a baby! If you feel like you are getting upset, place your 

baby in a safe place and walk away for a few minutes.

3. Keep a camera close by and take frequent pictures of your baby. Babies grow 

and change very quickly.

4. Ask for help. Caring for a newborn can be exhausting and it’s normal to need 


5. Plan ahead. Keep a list of people and phone numbers you may need in a hurry 

programmed into your cell phone and near your home phone. Include numbers 

such as your pediatrician, the hospital emergency room, a relative, a 

supportive friend, or a breast feeding consultant

6. Hold your baby as often as you want. Don’t worry about friends and family who 

say you will “spoil” the baby. You are meeting your baby’s needs. Holding and 

cuddling helps baby feel secure and loved.

7. Listen to your friends, family and others but follow your pediatrician’s 


8. Take time for your baby . . . housework can wait.

9. Learn as much as possible about early brain development and how you can 

enhance your baby’s learning.

10.When baby takes a nap . . . use that time to get some rest yourself.

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