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Feeding checklist for newborn.

Feeding your baby is an essential part of parenting, and there are many items on our newborn checklist that can help make the process go more smoothly. Consider the following necessities for baby feeding time:

1. Burp cloths. These are designed to protect your clothing when you burp your little one, in case they spit up a little (or a lot!). You could also use a receiving blanket for this, but a burp cloth is smaller, making it easier to manage.

2. Nursing cover. This helps shelter you and your little one while breastfeeding. It typically comes with a strap you can tie around your neck to keep it in place. You can also use a receiving blanket as a nursing cover, but as it doesn’t have a strap, it may slip off more easily.

3. Receiving blankets. A receiving blanket is a thin blanket that’s often sold in packs of two or more. We’ve added them to your newborn baby checklist because they are so versatile. These blankets can work as nursing covers and burping cloths, and you can also use them to swaddle your baby.

4. Nursing pillow. For some extra comfort for both you and your little one, consider getting one of these U-shaped cushy pillows. These firm pillows give your newborn somewhere to rest other than your arms, which can also take some of the weight off your body, too.

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