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Have you ever imagined how parenting has taken over parenting ,,,,lets explore together

We cannot ignore the fact that technology has taken over in most areas of our daily lives, but that does not mean that we totally depend on it. It may have positive impacts, but I believe that if used correctly, it can guide one, especially a first-time mom with little or no experience at all, to adjust and get a few tips here and there. in my opinion, technology should only advance your already acquired knowledge. Each parenting experience is unique, and it takes a lot of grace to navigate that journey.

Traditionally, parents were taught by their parents, so it was easier because they could easily relate and families were close together but with urbanization and intermarriages, people tend to be far from those they can truly trust during parenting. This leads them to rely on technology, and some tend to overdo it. We would not really judge because sometimes parenting is overwhelming and energy-draining, and if one finds an easy way out, one can easily grab it unapologetically.

Parenting can be made easy with technology in various ways for instance

a)parenting gadgets

Technology has been used to come up with some devices like rockers, milk pumps and many others that are very helpful to mums. they reduce the work effort that one is required to do if they did the same work manually. some parents though tend to disconnect a bit from their child for instance when one uses a rocker to help them with the baby they may at times forget and sleep off or tends to concentrate on other things.

b) cartoons and animations

Most parents rely on this mostly. we do not recognize the amount of screen time their kids which may actually be harmful to the kids. this may also reduce the amount of time the two, parent and kid, bond leading to a negative influence in their lives,

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