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Parenting and What it entails

This is a complete family of both parents and their kids.The holding of hands between them ,more so with the children in between their parents represents a symbol of protection ,which the parents hold dear .

Today,As I was having coffee at a certain restaurant,I couldn't help myself but just lean aback and listen to a conversation between a couple .Who at the beginning, were having a smooth candid conversation .Until ,when one of the parties decided to tell the other about how much they are spoiling their children by pampering them with gifts of all kinds ,whenever they ask for anything . Suddenly, the other party stepped in halfway. Even before their partner could finish ,one said to his partner that ,whenever she is about to scold their children ,he jumps in and disapproves in front of the kids .So, they continued the blame game ,until when they realised that all eyes were on them ,is when they decided to walk out of the restaurants.So my questions are 1) Who of the two is to blame on the parenting skills ? 2) What would have been the appropriate decision to undertake in bringing up their children? Keep the conversation going and let me hear your thoughts about it .

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