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Never Do This To Your Child If You Don't Wish To Be Toxic.

Children always expect love and care for the people they love. Unfortunately, somw who the expect care and love to them torture them. Just like physical abuse, physiological abuse has a lifetime effect on a child's love. As a parent,it's always to be careful with the words you tell your child.

1. Offensive Words towards their appearances.

Telling a child they are ugly,fat or too short just to mention a few increases physical insecurities. This can lead to emotional issues issues such as eating disorder.

2. Provocative questions towards their actions.

Children tend to believe everything that their parents say. Sarcastic questions makes them feel like something is wrong with them. It then becomes hard for them to be themselves even on adulthood.

3.Selfish wishes.

For example,I wish you weren't born. This makes the child feel like there weren't supposed to exist and don't deserve to be alive. It demages their sense of identity which can lead to depression or self hurt.

4. Making the child feel like they're a burden.

It makes them unconsciously hide their needs and problems simply to avoid parents wrath. When children lack mateterial things,they may oot to steal or become abusive.

5. Unhealthy comparisons.

You blame them for not being like their sibling or relative. This reduces the child's self esteem and make them think they'll never be good enough. It also promotes unhealthy relationship and jealous between siblings.

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